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Tour to Bamboo Hanging Bridge

The Bamboo Hanging Bridge in Sevilla, which crosses the Sipatan River is a popular attraction visited by tourists.
Bohol hanging bridge
This bridge is made of bamboo, and the bridge handles are made of steel. The bridge is quite long, about 40 meters, and looks very flimsy but it’s not. It can bear the weight of several people, and sometimes, small motorcycles cross it.

It was originally made for locals crossing the Sapitan River, but it became one of the well-liked attractions in the province, maybe because of the fun and adventure that you could feel while crossing on the bridge. That is why it is mostly visited by both local and foreign tourists. The bridge is swaying and bouncing every time someone is crossing. Well, that’s the adventure!

The bridge has become more exciting and challenging when you meet someone coming towards you because the bridge gets more shaky.
But today, there are two bridges in the area made for each direction to lessen the fear and traffic when crossing the bridge.

The area is very beautiful covered with lush greenery. It offers a stunning view overlooking the Sapita River.

Our visitors are still advised to put much attention and watch every step when crossing the bridge. Near the area, souvenir items are for sale. There are also stores in the area where you can buy snacks and drinks.
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